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Kkreative offers exhaustive software development services to the banking and financial service industry. We have a well-defined strategy in place to deliver scalable software solutions that address the security and compliance requirements of this industry. We offer technology solutions, which are easy to implement, yet robust enough to support rapid growth or expansion of your business. We have deep-domain experience in creating secure software solutions that address the requirements of the BFSI domain. We offer comprehensive software services that can be easily scaled up to accommodate all future technology needs of our clients.

Banking and Financial Services entities have some of the most complex software requirements. The challenges facing BFSI include global competition, large volumes processing and exchange of secure data and on the other hand they also need to be focused on increasing complexity of risk and regulatory environments. To succeed in this environment, you need secure technology platforms that can provide data security, on-demand analytics, cash management tools and various other functionalities.

The key technology trends that are driving the industry are:
  • Mobile Banking


    More and more banks are incorporating mobile banking as a regular delivery channel as consumer adoption continues to increase. Large banks are expanding on their mobile strategies to include smart phone capabilities around imaging, payments and location-based services. Adding remote deposit capture, mobile alerts and enhancing mobile app features will be a focus for smaller to mid-sized banks.

  • Data Management

    Data Management

    Banks are finding ways to leverage data to create a more interactive customer experience across channels. Financial institutions must become more data-centric to be able to transform their business models and support both new and existing products and services. Data governance and master data management will be fundamental to an organization’s success in the years to come. These two technology best practices are intertwined and critical to the success of our next two banking technology trends.

  • Customer experience

    Customer experience

    This term has taken on a new role in the financial services industry. It has evolved to include various customer touch points to deliver an end-to-end multichannel experience. The mobile banking experience is the foundation for a bank’s ”digital persona”. Banks must create seamless interactions and find the proper balance between in-branch and digital customer experiences. Usability and trust in mobile banking services is the key.

  • Location-based Offers and Loyalty Programs

    Location-based Offers and Loyalty Programs

    Well-established financial institutions are capturing the attention of consumers using mobile offers. Before jumping on this trend financial institutions need to get smart about their data. From there, they need to understand consumer wants and needs to identify segmentation strategies for the appropriate audience. Financial services companies must provide clear value propositions for mobile offers and marketing tactics for implementing loyalty programs. Likewise, banks need to be sensitive of security and customer responses by analyzing data in real-time to fine tune programs and create a meaningful customer experience.

  • SOA enabled Transformation

    SOA enabled Transformation

    Collaboration demands integration, but when it comes to a bank’s legacy systems it has led to fragmented, inefficient and redundant processes. The financial services industry sees innovation as the path for sustainable growth. But to be able to capitalize on innovation banks have to become more efficient, enable growth and manage risk. SOA allows banks to extend and improve integration among existing applications and drive innovation for payment strategies, big data capabilities, core banking processes, mobile and more

Kkreative with its unique solutions and services enable banking industry to adopt the key trends that are imperative to securing successful future:

Kkreative’s Smart Mobile Platform provides a robust mobile strategy and superior customer user experience.

Kkreative’s OneSpot Platform makes Fusion Middleware a hot pluggable architecture to improve integration among existing applications and drive innovation for payment strategies, big data capabilities, core banking processes, mobile and more.

Kkreative’s Social Analytics platform presents a tool for banking analysts to research market trends, get timely market news, and better analyze the exposures and strengths of the companies the bank merges with, finances or buys.



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