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Kkreative’s experience in the Healthcare industry focuses on the challenges healthcare organizations face today. We offer a unique combination of deep Healthcare domain expertise and experience with Microsoft technology stack. We have consultants with years of experience in EHR systems such as EPIC. Our consultants have proven skills in .Net development, SQL Server, Windows Server, System Center and SharePoint technologies.


We offer a unique combination of deep Healthcare domain expertise and experience with Microsoft technology stack

At Kkreative we understand that the evolution of healthcare technology is centered around different solutions that solved specific domain problems; the previous generation of applications that were created were about domain specific forms that automated highly specific business processes.
Ambulatory care had one set of forms and thus selected a specific system; payer solutions had another set of forms, and thus selected a different system. As the global leaders in EMR technologies started e merging and large-scale consolidation started taking place in healthcare, this problem was reduced, but not solved.
All the data collected that provides a global, 360 view of the organization is encompassed in as many is 20-40 disparate systems. Now, as organizations look to use that data spread across a range of disparate systems, with ranges of table structures and technology stacks, they are running into enormous challenges.

Changes in the next generation of technology are definitely helping to move this along at a rapid pace. Instead of connecting to each specific application to gather data, technological advancements such as MVC architecture, SOA and REST APIs, and in-memory processing has taken problems such as batch processing from what used to take hours per gigabyte of data to seconds. These solutions have in turn allowed new services to use that collected data in services that provide deep analytics, intelligence, and recommendations for the client.

The new horizon in healthcare is creating a two way bridge. How to get the data from client facing EMR systems back into the various systems that need to consume that data. Once again, as that data now sits in the View in an MVC based system, it is now possible to create batches in near real time speeds and then organize for consumption by all the various systems that need them. Thus, because the user experience feels real time, instead of needing read-write processes between databases, the same result may be accomplished by having read-batch-consume processes that occur in near real time. This incredible shift in architecture now allows the disparate systems to become even more focused on the functional domain challenges, i.e., the specific need of each specific user, and thus actually lead to more specific solutions based on user base segmentation.

No other industry relies on specialized user bases more than the healthcare industry. And thus, technology experts have to have functional domain experience in the various specializations of healthcare systems that runs very deep. At Kkreative, that is how we differentiate ourselves.



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