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Oil & gas

Today’s Oil & Gas industry continues to struggle in finding a complicated balance between rising global demand, diminishing known resources, and in maintaining manageable distribution and operating costs. However with rising global energy demand, the oil and gas industry has a wide range of challenges and opportunities across the upstream, midstream, downstream and oilfield services sectors. While mergers and consolidation continue, oil and gas management are determining other approaches to recover their base lines.

Innovation Is The Way You Apply Ideas

However with rising global energy demand, the oil and gas industry has a wide range of challenges and opportunities

Information technology (IT) will continue to benefit oil and gas companies in supporting the transition to a new energy era. Companies are more readily investing in accelerating the use of computing innovations beyond the early adopters, as they clearly see the business benefits of doing so.

The key technology trends that are driving the industry are:

IT Asset Rationalization: Oil & Gas companies have accumulated redundant software and hardware assets through their mergers and acquisitions. Individual operating units often run their own IT-supported business processes in isolation, which diminish opportunities to collaborate for better economies of scale and industry leading practices. Companies are now consolidating processes, building shared service centers and deploying vertical and horizontal enterprise applications to replace nonintegrated custom software, improve visibility and standardize process control on a global basis.

Most energy companies have already established SOA as the standard for interfaces. SOA replaces the typical client-server architecture with multiple levels of functionality that include foundational applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), a web services repository and a business process management system (BPMS).
SOA continues to be most appropriate for business managers to design and alter a software-driven business process without specialized software programming skills. In such cases, the system links business users' requests with the right applications and relevant functionality/systems, from which point web services do the rest.

Business Intelligence

Most Oil & Gas companies have information isolated within individual business units, in databases and with process owners, causing multiple versions of the “truth” about their operations.
To address this problem, energy companies have turned to business intelligence (BI) solutions to enable better decision-making. Companies are increasingly integrating BI more directly into business processes and decision making to shift from simply measuring “what happened” to making more accurate forecasts of “what will happen”.

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Kkreative's OneSpot Platform makes Fusion Middleware a hot pluggable architecture to improve integration between new and legacy systems and drive innovation, big data capabilities, mobile and more. Kkreative's Business Benefits Realization approach towards asset rationalization initiatives ensure the businesses actually get to visualize the benefits even before the IT dollars are spent.



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