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The business environment is changing. It is well known that Enterprise Technologies can be harnessed to meet these demands.

kkreative brings world class expertise across all major platforms and technologies to enable CIO's and IT Executives to leverage their investments in new and innovative technology solutions. We help reduce cost and deliver profit-driving IT capabilities faster than ever before

We make it possible for IT leaders to introduce application, process and technology changes that improve business efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately elevating the status of IT within the enterprise and delivering real business value.

Right solutions - ERP solutions that fit your business, meet your strategic objectives and evolve with your changing business environment

Simplification – Driving reuse and consolidation of your technology footprint making it easier for you to support your business

Data Management – From smarter ways to manage the exchange of data to strategies and tools to ensure it is the right data

Extending your Reach – Whether it is delivering mobility based solutions to enable better connectivity & collaboration with your business partners and customers or extending your business applications to your mobile workforce, kkreative has mobility expertise to help get you there

Innovation – Positioning our customers to drive and deploy innovative solutions like a "Connected Everything" platform in the movement to the Internet of Things

We understand the challenges facing organizations in today's global business environment. Using proven methodologies, we ultimately elevate the status of IT within the enterprise and deliver real business value. More than ever, your Enterprise Technologies are a critical component in retaining and winning customers as well as staying ahead of the competition

Enterprise Content Management

Many enterprises face the challenge of trying to manage the rapid growth of their unstructured data. This can include emails, images, office documents, web content, instant messages and video. It is estimated that as much as 80 per cent of enterprise information is unstructured or information not stored in a relational database.

kkreative’s Enterprise Content Management services enables clients to develop a strategy that effectively captures, manages, delivers and stores content wherever and whenever it is needed throughout the enterprise.

We seek to develop a common understanding of the clients Enterprise Content Management implementation, and from that articulate a clear vision. We anticipate the amount of reorganization and change that is necessary and evaluate the cost benefit of balancing the client’s migration and implementation strategy. Our services will enable your company to eliminate old and irrelevant content saving clients both time and money as they move forward.

Our approach makes use of a strategic architectural view of the client’s enterprise and makes use of their current investments in technology and tools. We build a framework for control and management that makes sense for the client and will help to involve the ECM environment.

Our other proffessional service expertise include the following:

  • Application Development

    kkreative application development and maintenance services power your business to perform effectively in today's competitive

  • Cloud Computing & Integration

    One of the most exciting possibilities for designing and managing technology is Cloud Computing which provides

  • Service Oriented Architecture

    Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) has quickly established itself as the standard approach for architecting, implementing

  • Custom Software Development

    kkreative has eightyear’s of experience in creating and managing software applications for various clients...

  • Application Development Process

    We use mature methodologies and practices that allow us to create and deploy highly robust software applications...

  • Agile – Scrum Methodology

    We follow an end-to-end agile based software development approach that helps us to develop and deploy solutions quickly.

  • Structured Approach

    Before we initiate software development, we clearly define the application development goals and objectives,

Big Data

Big Data

understands the significance of 'Big Data' in today's business environment...

We offer customized big data solutions that help you obtain real-time business insights...

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Cloud Management & Monitoring

Enterprise data centers and corporate networks are under increasing ...

There is no room for error when critical business data, communications and applications run across the core infrastructure and network.

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Enterprise Technologies

Enterprise Technologies

The business environment is changing. It is well known that Enterprise...


Oracle Service

kkreative Consulting is an Oracle Service provider to support "end-to-end" services...

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Software Testing and Quality Assurance are an integral part of the software...

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