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service oriented architecture

Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) has quickly established itself as the standard approach for architecting, implementing and integrating applications. SOA offers a standardized but flexible approach for creating business processes that are agile and functional. As SOA begins taking the major share of an Enterprise IT portfolio it produces both challenges and opportunities for the organization to implement a scalable and robust integration platform, cloud integration, event processing, governance and security and business process definition & integration.


SOA offered by kkreative provide strong leadership and extensive experience in real world implementation that can help clients gain some insight, nimbleness and clarity for their adoption of SOA. We provide Enterprise Application Practice Guides for organizations through our SOA Blueprinting.

SOA Adoption Roadmap, SOA Best Practices, Implementation, Technology Selection, Training and Testing.


kkreative works with our clients to develop a road map and action plan designed to lay the foundation for a feasible and practical SOA strategy and implementation. The road map or plan that we provide considers the client’s level of SOA maturity, the scale and extent of services, security and governance requirements as well as critical in-flight and future projects. kkreative will execute a plan which has clear scope and includes deliverables and milestones for design and architecture, proofs of concept, services, process analysis and integration development, Quality Assurance and final production and implementation.


Application Development

kkreative application development and maintenance services power..

We use mature methodologies and practices that allow us to create and deploy highly robust software applications.

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Could Computing & Integration

One of the most exciting possibilities for designing and managing technology is...

There is no room for error when critical business data, communications and applications run across the core infrastructure and network.

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Service Oriented Architecture

Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) has quickly established itself as the standard ...

Software Development

Custom Software Development

kkreative has eightyear’s of experience in creating and managing software ...

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