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Java / J2EE Solutions

kkreative has proven experience in custom software development utilizing front-line Java / J2EE technologies. Our Java solution offering helps businesses to automate their business processes by building next-gen web and enterprise applications. We have deep-domain expertise in using Java technologies to build world-class applications that automate business processes and improve performance.

Our Java/J2EE solutions are highly robust, secure and scalable. We have been highly successful in implementing enterprise solutions built using Java / J2EE technologies. Our Research and Development efforts have added immense value to our clients and helped improve their application performance. Over the years, we have gained in-depth expertise in developing and deploying solutions for various industry verticals that include:

Why Choose kkreative?

We strongly believe in the capabilities of Java as a next-gen programming language, pioneering Java we have gained the ability to develop enterprise applications in a thin client- tier environment. We have been extensively using Java technologies to design frameworks and build robust enterprise and web applications that streamline business processes and provide value for your technology investment. Utilizing our expertise in Java technology, your business stands to gain the below benefits:

  • Platform Independence

    We develop applications that can run on all major operating systems / platforms.structure.

  • Performance

    The performance of applications created by kkreative is highly robust.

  • Highly Secure

    We create applications that are highly secure and can be confidently deployed over networks.

  • Portability

    Our applications are highly portable across range of operating systems.

  • Stability

    Our web and enterprise applications are highly stable.


Broagate has rich experience in creating web and enterprise application utilizing Java technologies. The software applications that we have developed utilizing Java technologies have immense capabilities and can handle large and complex transactions for vast database-oriented N-tier applications.

Core Java Technology Offering
  • Distributed and parallel computing
  • Scalability and high failover
  • Data replication and robustness
  • Automatic load balancing
  • Network and disk-transfer optimization

We have designed and developed a unique methodology for executing Java / J2EE based projects that incorporate the best industry practices and techniques gained from our extensive experience in implementing cutting-edge business solutions. We incorporate agile practices into our application development process to enable faster time-to-market with high quality and consistency across the board.
We have deep-domain expertise in creating distributed, multi-tier and network-enabled applications utilizing Java. Our ability to create multi-tier applications that are scalable, accessible and manageable has helped business enterprise improve their application performance. We have helped businesses across the globe develop their highly agile and portable software applications. We utilize a multi-tier architecture, which allows us to develop large-scale, all-encompassing software applications.


Java / J2EE Solutions

kkreative has proven experience in custom software development utilizing ...

We have deep-domain expertise in using Java technologies to build world-class applications

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